About us


We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of electronic weighing scales and currency counting machines in Ahmedabad. We have 1 lakh+ satisfied customers. We also have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and trading best-in-class Digital Weight Scales. We are trusted as Scale Supplier.


Manish Bhatia is a self-made businessman. He has 30+ years of experience in manufacturing and trading Electronic Weighing Scales. All scales are proudly Made in India. His motto for business centers around customer satisfaction.



Are you in market for premium weighing scales precision measuring instruments and reliable weighing machines? Look no further. Shree Shree Weighing Solutions serves as your dependable partner. We offer cutting-edge electronic weighing scales and digital measuring instruments. At Shree Shree Weighing Solutions, we firmly believe in providing top-tier precision and accuracy. Our weighing scale prices are highly competitive. Our dedication to customer satisfaction remains resolute. Count on us as your primary source for all your weighing measuring and digital scale necessities.

Explore our website. Identify the weight machine that perfectly aligns with your specific requisites. Reach out to us today to experience the pinnacle of excellence in weighing solutions.


Why Choose Us

Precision and Accuracy

Our unwavering commitment to precision distinguishes us. Our weighing and electronic balance instruments deliver results you can rely on.

Competitive Pricing

We recognize importance of cost-effectiveness. That's why we present weight machine price 50 kg. Weight machine price 100 kg alternatives align with your budget.

Local Accessibility

With nearby weighing machine shops. We ensure convenient access to products Locate the closest weighing machine shop near you. Through our network.

Expert Guidance

Our seasoned team is ready to assist you in selecting optimal weight machine or weighing scale. We tailor to your specific needs

Wide Range of Applications

Our products cater to various industries. Spanning from body weight scales to weighing instruments for goods.

Measuring Excellence

Whether you necessitate body scale weight measurements or digital body weight machines, we have you fully covered.


Digital Weighing Scales

Delve into our expansive array of digital scales. Designed to provide pinpoint accuracy. Whether you require kitchen weighing scale for culinary perfection or heavy-duty weighing machine for commercial purposes. We have the ideal solution.

Electronic Weighing Scales

Our electronic weight machines are engineered with precision as core principle. From compact bathroom scales. To robust 100 kg weight machines. We present competitive weight machine prices to suit your financial plan.

Food Weighing Scales

In food industry precision down to gram is critical. Our food weighing scales ensure recipes consistently achieve perfection. Discover our range. Food weighing machines deliver unparalleled results.

Portable Weighing Scales

Seeking portable weighing scale for on-the-go measurements. Our portable weighing scales are designed for convenience. They do not compromise on precision.

Gold Weighing Machines

For jewelers and goldsmiths our gold weight machines guarantee unmatched precision. Rely on us to deliver the most accurate gold weighing instruments in the industry.

Measuring Instruments

From digital balances to electronic body weight machines our comprehensive selection of measuring instruments caters to wide spectrum of applications.